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International Award Winning Musician, Songwriter & CEO of Yogurt360


You see 007 in the pic (black tie, cheeky grin)? Yup that's Shayan (pronounced shy-yan), the Founder & Chief Encouraging Officer (CEO) of this awesome concept Yogurt360, that starts all across Mumbai in late 2017. He represents the Zoroastrian Parsees in the pic, because, well umm, he's a Zoroastrian Parsee! Shayan Italia, also known by his stage name Shayan (pronounced 'shy-yan'), is an Indian-born International multi-award winning singer, songwriter, grand pianist and entrepreneur. He gained International recognition by selling portions of his future earnings on eBay raising US$ 9,000 in 7 days. He is only one of a handful of individuals from India to be interviewed by Sir David Frost and has performed to a sell out crowd at Royal Albert Hall in London. A graduate from the Doon School, one of India's finest schools, Shayan holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Trade Practices & Procedures, A Bachelor's Degree in Sound Engineering and Music Production, and a Master's Degree in Business Management. He currently resides in Mumbai city.


A Zoroastrian Parsi, the definitive origins of legends Freddie Mercury and Zubin Mehta, Shayan started unexpectedly writing songs post losing both his parents at a young age. Shayan actively raises money worldwide for Cancer Research and Multiple Sclerosis in memory of both his Mum and Dad, those who suffered from the diseases respectively. Shayan has garnered many International accolades through his journey in music including the Editor's Choice Award at the International Poetry Content, Best Song at the All India Song Content, Top 5 Finalist at the VH1 Song Content and the Great American Song Contest Honorary. His project FEEL as of February 2017, has garnered over 47 million downloads worldwide and is under consideration to be made into a Broadway musical. The ambitious production features a crew of 135 musicians, vocalists, engineers, arrangers and multi-Grammy, Emmy and Brit award winning producers. Written, arranged, produced & performed by Shayan, Feel as a body of work, is personal and not for commercial release. Listen to the sample pack below featuring each song from "Feel".

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Sir David Frost Interview

Sir David Frost, one of the world's most respected, influential and beloved interviewers introduces Shayan on his world famous show 'Frost Over The World'. Here Sir David Frost battles Shayan about how he auctioned a portion of his future earnings on eBay and more. The song sung live on the show is written by Shayan and called "Soul".


Yogurt360 is the brain child of Shayan, who started Biryani360 on 01 March 2015 without knowing how to cook. Within a year he took it from nothing to be rated as Forbes Best Food Delivery Startup India, CNBC Best Online Startup Food Delivery, TimesCity's 5 Food Startups You Need To Try, Best Takeaway Food Joint in Mumbai, Economic Times’ 5 Internet Startups That Have Become Household Names and was honoured as one of the Hot 100 Tech Startups at the Exhibit Awards 2016 in Bengaluru. In March 2016, Shayan sold Biryani360 to an International Michelin Star restaurant group to start Yogurt360. He is also recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award by the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce.


Passions: Playing The Piano, Songwriting, Chess, Swimming, Travelling, Technology, Coding, Movies, Gaming.
Hobbies: Eating Out, Amusement Parks, Tomb Raider.
Cool Trait: Shayan has a state-of-the-art 11 channel 4K Ultra HD Dolby Atmos 3rd generation IMAX theatre in his house.
Something Special: Shayan travels every month for 4-5 days to a different city outside of India to gain first hand insight into different cultures and ideologies which he can learn from and implement into Yogurt360. 

If arriving directly onto this page, learn more about Shayan's amazing new venture Yogurt360 HERE.

Direct Email: shayan.italia@yogurt360.com


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